CFS video

September 29, 2011

CFS video.

Being Female

September 18, 2011

I hated being a female just because my PMS was so bad and men just haven’t a clue about it.  My husband was supportive though but I don’t think he had a strong connection on how bad my symptoms made my day.  It was after getting off birth control that my PMS got worse. And worse some more as the many years past.  But I began by buying books on PMS and hormones and tried to get help with it.  No doctor would test me and I found that odd.  Where are the doctors that do hormone testing to see if all is normal?

So I followed nutritional supplement and herbal suggestions and also followed a diet.  I had to bug one of my doctors to give me a glucose tolerance test.  I was sure some of my symptoms were related to hypoglycemia.  He finally did test me and found my blood sugar did drop considerably low.  I asked him what I should do about it and he says just to stay off of white sugar.  What?  So I bought a book on low blood sugar and it was an older book with past information in it on the treatment.  Probably the first information dealing with this problem.  I followed the diet and the book suggested a supplement that didn’t exist in my local stores.  See that is the problem before the internet.  You can’t get your hands on what you want.

I had to watch myself before and during my period.  Supposed to keep your blood sugar up but I was unable to eat during my first 3 days of bleeding.  I recall one day getting up out of bed to go to the bathroom only to pass out.  I wasn’t out long.  The room turned black and my head spun around and I hit the floor and awoke from the dullness back into light again. But when I got up I was in a part of the bedroom I didn’t know how I got there.

So the real difficult time was to set in because with all these symptoms it just ran into a bunch of other symptoms adding chronic fatigue, anxiety, sensitivities all into one big pot.

I am a determined person.  Probably more determined than than I am now.  The years have a way to beat you down.  But I made a list of my symptoms and took it into the doctor.  Where I was attending help, was a family practice center.  And they changed doctors every 3-5 years.  And I think this worked against me because I had to convince a new doctor on where I stand and what was what all over again.  But I recall going into an appointment with a list of symptoms and showed the doctor how sick I have been feeling.  Told him of the fatigue, the pain and the inability to get out of bed.  He looked at my list and said, “I can’t do anything with your list, there are too many symptoms.  Tell me which ONE symptom you want me to treat?”

What!!  I told him they all come on me in a wave and some go away and some stay and I am sick all over feeling like the flu and on, and on…..!  He says, ” There is nothing in my text-book that matches problems like this.  Do you have any children?  What ages?……Well I think what you need is to go home and relax.”   

I would go home alright and cry my eyes out.  This happened to me over and over again and I found these doctors are doctors in training.  So I tried to find some other practice that was more experienced but didn’t find answers there either.  They suggested I might be developing MS.  And will  keep a watch on it.  Sigh!  Just fine.

Well before I left the first family practice and my file got 1 inch thick. My last doctor suggested that I might be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.  It sounded how I feel but he didn’t offer any help from it.  I was now getting fibro symptoms in my arms and legs and told him of this.  He said in order to really determine if I had problems with fibro that I would have to have at least 15 pain points.  I didn’t have that many at the time but I was in full body pain and useless.

So at this point I had a new name to look up.  Shortly after doing what I could for the Candida, because I bought those books and it has been years going by trying to get treatment for that, I found books on chronic fatigue syndrome.

My battle with yeast was a damn if you do and damn if you don’t ordeal.  I got treatment with powdered nystatin and it worked for me for two years.  I think I might have mentioned this already but I seen a doctor that practiced natural medicine.  I was on the medication for 2 years and nothing new was happening with my health.  No more die offs and no changes.  He told me to keep taking it.  Well the last year and a half I didn’t get any die off symptoms.  And these books suggested to get a more serious antifungal medication because the yeast can grow to the point the Nystatin isn’t able to kill off the overgrowth.  I continued to take garlic tablets and good bacteria and was hoping I could get someones attention on my yeast problem.

As the years went on I got better from my yeast issue by some surprising events as I was still searching for answers to my chronic fatigue.

Rabbit Lesson

September 6, 2011

I had adopted a rabbit called Bun Bun.  She lived for me for 12 years. I just couldn’t believe this!  She was a good companion and taught me a lesson on the need for good bacteria when she got sick.  I don’t recall what her problem was, but she needed an antibiotic.  The vet was very clear to me how important it was to give her a long dose of good bacteria once her medication ended.  Rabbits seem to die rapidly when they get sick.  They are considered exotic animals.  So they need a vet with special training for treating rabbits.

I was told that rabbits has two stomaches.  One isn’t  exactly like the other.  But this one stomach helps store and grow good bacteria for their whole digestive system.  Then there is the regular stomach.  Sorry I don’t have the technical term for that other stomach.  But their body is so amazing from what I learned about them.

I’m thinking about myself at this time.  That if the rabbits digestion is so important that it could die, then why isn’t my digestion function important also?  I wasn’t getting much help from the doctors for my digestive troubles, especially constipation.  But it turned out each time I visited my family doctor that they only look for diseases.  I was told I wasn’t ill and go home and relax.

The yeast syndrome I suffered caused tons of symptoms and it was hard for me to unravel my mess of problem.  At this time I was still searching for answers.  At my doctor’s office, I have been seen so many times that my folder was 1 inch thick.  I do have to say something for myself, is that it is true I didn’t suffer from any kind of disease.  Surely none that the main medical community considers a disorder.

I had all kinds of symptoms.  Muscle pain, stiff joints, feeling cold, Slight feverish but my temperature was only a notch elevated.  I was told that was normal temperature.  Very fatigued, seen black spots, dizziness, rashes.  Problem sleeping, heart pounding and racing especially after eating.  PMS getting tons worse and I felt I was dying during my period.  I had tons of symptoms.

One day I was in a book store and there was a book on the shelf called “Yeast Syndrome”  I bought it and it really nailed into my symptoms.  But I had so many other symptoms that wasn’t listed in the book and I went back to the book store.  Found another book title and that book listed many of my other symptoms that the first book didn’t mention.

So I found a doctor near my home listed in the back of the book that treated this yeast syndrome.  He was a naturalpathic doctor.  He put me on powdered Nystatin and I had my first die off reaction.  That is what you feel when the yeast dies off in your body.  You ach all over and feel like you got the flue for sure and it makes you want to stay in bed.  Of course while on that medication I had to follow a anti-candida diet.  That is a diet eliminating sugar and carbs that turn into sugar in your body. 

Some things I found out with talking to other people on the message boards is that one person could tolerate one food while another person couldn’t tolerate it.  It seems that your own yeast has its favorite appetite.  So here is where it is also important to get off of chemicals and go with natural products.  You don’t have a clue what else could be feeding your yeast.  I didn’t know that at the time but as I stumbled on other things that bothered me, like food and my soaps, once I changed I felt a lot of improvement.

Candida, you should know isn’t just one strain.  There are many different kinds and you should try to seek out someone who could culture the yeast to see exactly what you got and match it with a remedy that combats that strain of yeast.  unfortunately my strain would not culture.


September 1, 2011

One thing that is a great concern in the chronic fatigue community is, does over use of these drugs trigger the problem also?  It could be a contributor because it will cause an imbalance with the gut good flora.  After taking a round of antibiotics you should supplement with beneficial good bacteria.  They have them in capsule form as well as easily obtained in yogurt.  I liked taking Activia.

My experience with antibiotics was, when I was little growing up I was always on one or more each year.  I kept getting inflamed tonsils, ear aches and bladder infections.  Our family didn’t know about the need to replace the gut flora.  I had lots of bouts with constipation off and on.  I recall taking Exlax.  When I was 18 I had my last bout with tonsil troubles. I still have my tonsils but they are very scarred showing the problems I endured.

I  had myself two kids before turning 20, one after another.  My second pregnancy I felt so washed out. Little did I know I was suffering depression or the beginnings of chronic fatigue.  I suffered with postpartum depression for 6 months afterwards but it was never diagnosed. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and my doctor didn’t raise an eyebrow to it.  So glad it went away.  But after having my second child I began having burning urine, very painful.  I would go to the doctor and they would test my urine. Test didn’t show any bacteria but they said that is normal in a bladder infection when caught early.  They put me on antibiotics to treat the bacteria that will most likely begin to grow.  But the problem is that I kept getting this problem over and over again. I can’t count how many times I was on antibiotics with this problem.

After I gave birth to my second child I was put on birth control pills.  I kind of blamed them for causing my depression.  6 months on the pill and I was depressed.  I stopped the pill and felt much better.  At this time in my life I only had a family doctor to go to.  Growing up that is all my mother took me to. I wasn’t aware of the practice of other doctors and what they do. 

I began reading herbal books for remedies for ills and complaints because I wasn’t getting enough help from the doctor.  They didn’t have internet back then and when they did, I got a computer and spent all my time looking for answers.  In my early 20’s I began having panic attacks.  I went to a psychiatrist for treatment. It took 2 years and then I was ok.

During this time I had repeated vaginal yeast infections.  I then began seeing a GYN to get more answers on my problem.  One doctor I saw said that the burning in my urine was likely caused by yeast and not bacteria.  So I had to make trips to the GYN to get treatment with each occurence, which cost a good bit of money I didn’t always have. It wasn’t like today when the medication is now over the counter.  Gosh!

I was also having increased PMS symptoms since I stopped taking the birth control pill.  I had spotting and irregular periods, skipped periods and sick for 3 days during the bleeding.  I also noticed the bleeding had increased.  I spent a lot of my years trying supplements to help this problem and found very little results.  Cravings were maddening and I had to reduce my salt consumption because I was gaining so much water I would gain another whole size in clothes!  Also to my disgust I would get a yeast flare up right before my period.  So not getting much help with this problem I continued looking for herbs to help.  Garlic was one, and I took it every day.  Trying to keep my bowels moving helped.

It was also around this time I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I didn’t get the runs but did have constipation issues.  And this helped cause a very bad hemorid problem.  And I didn’t know it at this time but the constipation would get very worse for me later on.

I noticed that my bladder would burn as my bowels passed also.  And I would get nonstop burning if I ate sweets or drank soda with sugar in it.  So I began looking at the foods I was eating.  Meanwhile my joints began feeling stiff and painful if left in one position for a while.  Like sitting or sleeping on one’s side.  I had been noticing that during my daily household chores I felt really wiped out and had to break to get my breath back.

All of this was hard to endure because along with those symptom I had to deal with the panic attack symptoms.  Chest pounding, tingling on one side of body, extreme anxiety cause pacing of floor.  Pains in body and having to take to the bed until the symptoms passed, nightmares.  Feeling dread building up to feeling like I was going to die, yes actually die, and I couldn’t talk myself out of it.  Then it would all end after that.  Oh, yeah,  I forgot to mention the nice symptom of hyperventilating.

I didn’t know it at this time, but the over use of antibiotics in the past and during this time would cause a very serious yeast overgrowth in my gut.  Candida Albicans it is called.


September 1, 2011

I wanted to blog a bit of a journal of things on my mind past and present.  My profile mentions a little about me but my main issue was getting sick at 28 with no diagnosis of what was wrong with me.  I am not much for making up headings, like this address, it just reflects how my life was and where I lived.  Living in Harrisburg, PA for all my life until recently I moved.  I don’t mind talking about that a little to because it did make an impact on how more miserable my life was.

I can not recall all the horrible symptoms and distress I went through but I can shed some light on it.  One day I decided to keep a list of symptoms for a few months.  As I got sick off and on I forgot about the journal.  Then one day I had a miserable time and thought for sure I had this symptom once before.  I got out my journal and read it and found that I did have that symptom.  But reading my journal was so disturbing I broke down in tears and cried for days.  So I tossed the thing out thinking that if I keep my mind on pleasant things and try very hard to find something pleasant to focus on. 

The problem I was dealing with was anxiety/depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Little by little I searched on the web for answers to my problem.  I found help with online message boards that had members trying different supplements for their symptoms.  They thought like I did, that there was some kind of imbalance going on.  And this is so.  It is so that it involves hormonal imbalances, food sensitivites as well as chemical sensitivities.  I faced many dietary challenges as I went forward to find out what was triggering my symptoms.

I got better but still have chronic fatigue if I exert myself.  I can’t seem to work full time if it is a physical job.  When I moved and begain painting the house I found myself in bed in a sleeping marathon for 3 days.  Getting up and then having to go back to bed.  My husband has seen me change for the better but still doesn’t understand when my body takes a nose dive.  I just wish I could find an answer for this mess too.